How to Sync Two Outlook Calendars

Who is this article for? This article is for people who: have multiple Microsoft accounts and thus multiple Outlook calendars (e.g., one personal and one work calendar, or two work calendars with two different companies); and want their availability to always be the same across all the calendars. That is, when you are busy on […]

Declined events

Google calendar keeps declined events on your calendar, but has a setting to hide them: CalendarBridge cannot see whether you have chosen to hide declined events. Thus, calendarbridge will sync declined events with at “Declined:” prefix prepended to the subject of the event. If you subsequently delete the declined event from the source calendar, the […]

Why are my calendars listed on my scheduling page?

When a logged-in CalendarBridge user visits a scheduling page, their list of calendars is shown to enable them to filter the timeslots based on their own calendar(s). See Scheduling a Meeting When Logged Into CalendarBridge.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please see this article: Change or Cancel Your SubscriptionIf you can not login to CalendarBridge to cancel, please email from an email address that was connected to your CalendarBridge account. If you do not have access to any of the email addresses connected to your CalendarBridge account, please include: the last 4 digits of […]

How many sync connections do I need?

The number of sync connections you need is driven by how many calendars you want to sync and in which direction(s) you want to sync them. To illustrate, here are two common configurations involving 3 calendars X, Y, and Z (these calendars may reside on 1, 2, or 3 Google/Microsoft accounts): For more information, see […]

How often do calendars sync?

Sync connections are “real-time” and work based on push notifications (rather than syncing at fixed intervals, like other services). This means that changes on a source calendar should automatically propagate to a destination calendar within a few minutes.

Do I need a group plan?

You will need a group plan if: 1. You want to connect more than 4 accounts on the same domain. The basic, premium, and pro plans are limited to 4 connected calendar accounts from any single domain. There is no limit on the total number of connected accounts, but there can only be 4 connected […]

How to: Outsourced Appointment Setting with CalendarBridge

CalendarBridge Tips & Tricks

Despite being a very simple service, CalendarBridge is very powerful and flexible in terms of supporting a variety of workflows for outsourced/external appointment setters (outsourced sales reps, recruiters, etc.). Problem: An outside consultant is hired to set appointments for an internal employee; the consultant needs to see the employee’s up-to-the-minute availability to avoid double bookings. […]

Sync Calendars Across Google and Office 365 Tenants During M&A

Thumbs up to syncing a users calendars across Microsoft and Google tenants

A situation that arises frequently during mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) is that some users, at least temporarily, have accounts on multiple Google Workspace and/or Office 365 tenants. These users are more or less in a never ending cycle of missed and double booked meetings. Here’s how to sync their calendars across tenants process so they […]

How to Sync All Your Calendars to Microsoft Teams

This article will show you how to sync all of your Outlook calendars to your Microsoft Teams calendar. Although this article focuses on Outlook, the same technique works for syncing your Google calendar to your Teams calendar. You and your teammates can finally see your accurate availability without leaving Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams Calendar […]

When I try to add a user, I get a “user already exists” error

The user you are trying to add, likely has a paid individual subscription. Please email the user’s email address to and request they be moved onto the group account. The user’s individual subscription will be canceled and a pro-rated refund will be issued to their payment method.

I need to cancel my subscription but cannot login

Please email from an email address that was connected to your CalendarBridge account. If you do not have access to any of the email addresses connected to your CalendarBridge account, please include the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card as well as the date and amount of the last transaction.

What does CalendarBridge do with my calendar data?

When you connect a Google or Microsoft account to CalendarBridge, we only request the bare minimum access/permissions needed for syncing calendars. This includes your basic profile information and the ability to read and write your calendars. We do not request access to your contacts, your email, your files, or anything else. Just basic profile info and calendars.  (To see the actual permissions requested see Connecting Google calendars and Connecting Microsoft calendars)

As for the calendar data to which we have access, the only thing we do with it is copy it between your accounts as instructed by your sync connections. We do not store or analyze any of it. Check out our terms of service to learn more.

My scheduler is showing busy/free when I am free/busy

If a time slot is not showing when you think it should, or is showing when you think it shouldn’t, check these things: Be aware of the timezone setting of the scheduler and the timezone from which your scheduler is being viewed. Check if there any all-day or multi-day events that overlap the time slot […]