Better Scheduling Links (Product Update)

New CalendarBridge Features

CalendarBridge syncing is hands-down the best solution for managing your availability and scheduling with colleagues internal to your organizations.

But of course not all meetings are with people within your organizations. For scheduling meetings with people outside your organizations, CalendarBridge’s scheduling links save you from needless back-and-forth emails. Simply share your scheduling link and let the invitee pick a time that works for both of you.

And CalendarBridge scheduling links just got a whole let better. We’ve added:

Microsoft Teams, Skype, & Google Meets integrations

Check up to 3 additional, unsynced calendars (synced calendars are already checked by default)

Customizable buffer times, lead times, and rolling availability windows

Customizable booking page greeting

Create a customized form/questionnaire for invitees to fill out

Go create your scheduling link now (setup instructions here) and let us know what you think!