How To: Refine Your Scheduler Availability

CalendarBridge Tips & Tricks

The CalendarBridge create/edit scheduler interface lets you set one availability window each day:

If you need more flexibility, here is a technique that will allow you to

– block time on your scheduler without blocking that time on your actual calendar;

– setup multiple availability windows in a single day; and

– update your scheduler availability on-the-fly directly from your calendar:

1. In one of your Microsoft of Google Accounts, create a new calendar and name it something like “scheduler block.”

Scheduler Block calendar added to Google Calendar Account
“Scheduler Block” calendar added to Google account.

2. Edit your scheduler and add the “scheduler block” calendar you just created to the list of other calendars to check:

Add scheduler block calendar to other calendars
“Scheduler Block” calendar listed in other calendars to check for the scheduler.

3. Now you can block off time on your scheduler without blocking off your real calendar simply by adding a busy event to the scheduler block calendar:

Blocking scheduler in calendar
Slots filled with gold events are blocked on the scheduler but not in the user’s primary calendar seen by internal colleagues