Refer-a-friend, Color coding, and Private by Default

New CalendarBridge Features

Give a month, get a month with refer-a-friend

By popular demand, we now have a refer-a-friend program. When someone enters your referral code at signup, they get their first month free and you get a credit for a free month of your subscription.
Here’s how to get your code and start spreading calendar sanity across the world:

1. Go to (you will need to be logged in)

2. Accept the terms and conditions (after reading them of course) and click “Sign me up!”

CalendarBridge Referral Program Opt in
CalendarBridge Referral Program Opt in

3. After a few seconds, your personal code will be displayed. Share however and with whomever you want. Periodically check back on this page to see who has signed up using your code.

CalendarBridge Referral Program Get Your Code
CalendarBridge Referral Program Get Your Code

Color-code your events

Another feature that has been in high demand is the ability to set a color for event copies so that it is easy to see which events came from which calendar.  Your wish is our command.

During the “information to sync” step of the sync creation process, you will see a new “advanced” section. Click that to reveal the option to set the color of synced events:

CalendarBridge Sync Connection Setup
CalendarBridge Sync Connection Setup

Mark all event copies as “private”

As you can see in the screenshot above, we also added the option to mark all event copies as private.  If that box is checked, then others in your organization will still see just “busy” even if you sync subject, description, and location of your events (to make your own life easier).

To take advantage of the new sync features for an existing sync, just delete your sync (which will remove all the existing event copies) and recreate it with the new settings.

If you would like to re-boot your free trial to try the new features, just drop us a line.

Finally, as a thanks for reading this far, we will let you in on a little secret: the referral code in the screenshot above will get you your first month free.