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What calendar types are supported?

Supported for Real-Time syncing:

  • Google calendars (both free Gmail accounts and paid Google Workspace accounts)
  • Calendars for Microsoft / Office 365 plans that include Exchange Online (this excludes “Microsoft 365 Personal” and “Microsoft 365 Family”). GCC High tenants are supported.
  • Outlook.com calendars (this includes @live.com, @hotmail.com, and @msn.com accounts)
  • Syncing to an Apple iCloud calendar from a supported Google or Microsoft calendar.

Supported for syncing every 5-10 minutes:

  • Syncing from an Apple iCloud calendar.
  • Syncing from an Internet calendar available via a public .ics URL).

Not supported:

  • Anything not listed above.
  • Calendars on “Microsoft 365 personal” and “Microsoft 365 family” plans
  • Local calendars in the Outlook desktop app (calendars that say “this computer only”). See this article for more info.