Frequently Asked Questions

What calendars types are supported?


  • Gmail and Gsuite Google calendars
  • Calendars for Microsoft / Office 365 plans that include Exchange Online (this excludes “Microsoft 365 Personal” and “Microsoft 365 Family”)
  • calendars (this includes,, and accounts)
  • Exchange servers not hosted by Microsoft are supported only for group plans and setup require assistance from the Exchange server administrator

Not supported:

  • iCloud calendars
  • yahoo calendars

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How often do calendars sync?

Sync connections are “always on” and work off of push notifications. Changes on a source calendar should propagate to a destination calendar within a few minutes.

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What is a sync connection?

A sync connection is a one-way, always-on connection between a source calendar and a destination calendar. Updates to events on the source calendar propagate to the destination calendar within a few minutes. When you select “both directions” during sync connection setup, you are creating 2 sync connections.

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How many sync connections do I need?

The number of sync connections you need depends on how many calendars you want to sync.

To illustrate, here are two common configurations involving 3 calendars X, Y, and Z (these calendars may reside on 1, 2, or 3 Google/Microsoft accounts):

  • Copying events from X to Y and from Z  to Y requires 2 sync connections (X->Y, Z->Y)
  • Copying events from each of X, Y, and Z to each other of X, Y, and Z requires 6 sync connections. These can be setup as 3 bidirectional syncs (X<->Y, X<->Z, Y<->Z), or 6 one-directional syncs (X->Y, X->Z, Y->X, Y->Z, Z->X, Z->C).

Please note that CalendarBridge does not make copies of copies. For example, if you were to setup the following two sync connections: X -> Y and Y -> Z , events from X would not appear on Z. To get events from X to Z would require a third sync connection: X->Z.

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Why are edits and deletes to my event copies not syncing?

This is currently the expected behavior. Event copies are not “live,” which means edits made to, and deletes of, event copies created by CalendarBridge do not propagate back to the source calendar.

We are working on the ability to make copies “live.” If you would like to be notified when it is ready, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

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Can I remove “(copy)” from synced events?

We have recently released the ability to replace “(copy”) with custom text (or no text at all, which is not recommended). To enable this feature, you will need to delete and recreate the sync. See the Setting up Calendar Syncing documentation for more details.


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What does CalendarBridge do with my calendar data?

Nothing but sync it to your other calendars as configured by you. Check out our terms of service to learn more.

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