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Update Group Billing Address & Tax ID

To update the email and/or mailing address for a group account the following steps can only be performed by the primary/billing administrator of the group account (by default, this is the user that originally created the group account):

If you require a certain address and/or tax ID on your invoices, here is how to update that information.


1. When logged into you CalendarBridge dashboard, Go to ‘Billing’ in the left menu, then click the “Update Billing Address” button:

billing page

After a few seconds this will redirect you to your customer portal on Stripe’s website.

2. Click Update Billing Address:

stripe customer portal update address

This will bring up the address form:

stripe customer portal address form

3. Enter your address and/or Tax ID information and click ‘Save.’

Note for TAX IDs: Once you select the Tax ID Country, the placeholder text will indicate the exact format required — if the placeholder text includes prefixes or suffixes, you will need to include those when entering your VAT ID.