Creating a Group Invite

Go to your group booking dashboard by clicking “Group Booking” in the left menu, or just go to     Click “New invitation”   Step 1: Set event subject and description.Enter a subject and description for the meeting then click “Continue to availability.”   Step 2:  Select availability and meeting durationSelect which scheduler/availability to […]

Group Scheduling (Beta)

The CalendarBridge Group Scheduling tool allows you to find a time for that works for all invitees of a meeting with only minimal involvement required from the invitees. If all invitees of a meeting have a CalendarBridge scheduler, you can immediately book a time that works for everyone — no need to send them any […]

Group Scheduling Dashboard

The Group Scheduling dashboard is where you can create a new group booking invite as well as see the status of your existing invites. Pending / Incomplete Group Bookings When you create a Group Booking that has at least one invitee who is not a CalendarBridge user, a pending / incomplete group invite will appear […]

Manually Sending Group Invite Links

When you create a group invite, it creates two types of links:   1. A “Group link” that can be sent to any invitee. When someone visits this link, they will first have to enter their email address before they can vote on the times:   2. A “Personalized Link” for each invitee.  This link […]

Outlook Add-in (Beta)

On this page If you would like to beta test the CalendarBridge Outlook Add-in, here’s how: Installation 1. Open Outlook on the Web in a browser. For Work/School accounts this will be For personal accounts, this will be 2. Sign in to your Microsoft account. Note: If you have multiple Microsoft accounts, you […]

Responding to a Group Invite

Step 1: Provide your email address If you clicked on a general link, you will arrive at a landing page that asks you to enter your email address: If you received a personalized link, your email address is already known and you will skip to step 2. Step 2: Indicate the times you are available […]