Getting Started with Managed Users

Here are the steps to setting up a group account with with user licenses: 1. Follow the steps in Create a Group Account 2. Go to Managing Group Licenses and follow the steps to “Assign a user license / add a user.” Optionally, if you are a Microsoft 365 admin and you would like to […]

Creating a Group Account

1. Login/Signup with the email address of the account administrator.   2. Click “Create Organization Group Account.” This will take you to the Create Organization page:   3. Select your organization id. From the dropdown, select which of the domains of your connected accounts to use as your organization id. Which domain you pick will […]

Managing Group Licenses

Table of Contents Purchase additional licenses 1. Go to the Manage Billing tab of the admin portal 2. Increment the number of available seats for the particular license(s) you want to purchase using the plus buttons and then click “Add/Remove Seats” 3. Click “Confirm” Your card will be billed an amount that is pro-rated based […]

Restrict CalendarBridge Access to Certain Microsoft 365 Users

These steps restrict which users can signup for CalendarBridge individually or be given a license on a Managed Users group plan.  If you are an admin using Managed Syncs, you want to instead follow the instructions to Restrict Domain-Wide Authorization to a Microsoft 365 Security Group. 1. Have a Microsoft 365 Global Admin authorize the […]