Why are my calendars listed on my scheduling page?

When a logged-in CalendarBridge user visits a scheduling page, their list of calendars is shown to enable them to filter the timeslots based on their own calendar(s). See Scheduling a Meeting When Logged Into CalendarBridge.

My scheduler is showing busy/free when I am free/busy

If a time slot is not showing when you think it should, or is showing when you think it shouldn’t, check these things: Be aware of the timezone setting of the scheduler and the timezone from which your scheduler is being viewed. Check if there any all-day or multi-day events that overlap the time slot […]

Creating a Scheduler

On this page 1. About Schedulers. Schedulers are personalized web pages that others can use to automatically schedule meetings with you only at times you are available. Simply send someone a link to your scheduler and they can book a meeting at a time they know will work for you. Follow these steps to create […]

Connecting and Disconnecting a Zoom Account

Connecting a Zoom Account 1. Go to you schedulers overview page at https://calendarbridge.com/dashboard/schedules 2. Click “Add Zoom Account” This will redirect you to the Zoom login page. 3. Login to zoom. 4. Approve and Authorize CalendarBridge. After logging into Zoom, you will see one of three things based on whether CalendarBridge is approved on your […]

Configuring Custom ID for Scheduling Links

About CalendarBridge Custom URLs The default format of a CalendarBridge scheduling links is: https://calendarbridge.com/book/<random id> where <random id> is generated automatically when a scheduling link is created. Users with paid subscriptions can optionally customize their scheduling link(s) according to the format: calendarbridge.com/book/<unique custom id>/<(optional) additional field>. For example, Jane may set her unique custom id […]

Refining Your Scheduler Availability

The create/edit scheduler interface lets you set one availability window each day: If you need more flexibility, here is a technique that will allow you to Block time on your scheduler without blocking that time for internal scheduling Setup multiple availability windows in a single day Set your availability on-the-fly directly from your calendar Create […]

Scheduling a Meeting while Logged In to CalendarBridge

This page walks through scheduling a meeting through a CalendarBridge scheduling link when you are  logged in to CalendarBridge. The URL of a scheduling page is of one of the following formats: https://calendarbridge.com/book/<unique id> https://calendarbridge.com/book/<custom id> https://calendarbridge.com/book/<custom id>/<additional field> If you are logged in to CalendarBridge, the scheduling page will look similar to this (note […]

Scheduling a Meeting when NOT Logged In to CalendarBridge

This page walks through scheduling a meeting through a CalendarBridge scheduling link when you are NOT logged in to CalendarBridge. (If you are logged in, CalendarBridge can automatically filter the available time slots based on your availability. To take advantage of that, follow the instructions for scheduling when logged-in to CalendarBridge.) The URL of a […]

Edit a Scheduling Link

1. Go to your schedulers overview page. While logged into the CalendarBridge dashboard, click the “Schedulers” link on the left navigation bar. Or just enter https://calendarbridge.com/dashboard/scheduling into your browser. 2. Find the scheduler you would like to edit, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and click “edit”. 3. Make the desired changes. Note: […]

Outlook Add-in (Beta)

On this page If you would like to beta test the CalendarBridge Outlook Add-in, here’s how: Installation 1. Open Outlook on the Web in a browser. For Work/School accounts this will be outlook.office.com. For personal accounts, this will be outlook.live.com. 2. Sign in to your Microsoft account. Note: If you have multiple Microsoft accounts, you […]