How to Hide Event Copies in Outlook

If you have two calendars syncing together, but you still want to view both calendars at the same time in Outlook, things can get a bit cluttered since you will see both the original event on the source calendar and the event copy on the destination calendar. Luckily, Outlook provides view filters that can be […]

Declined events

Google calendar keeps declined events on your calendar, but has a setting to hide them: CalendarBridge cannot see whether you have chosen to hide declined events. Thus, calendarbridge will sync declined events with at “Declined:” prefix prepended to the subject of the event. If you subsequently delete the declined event from the source calendar, the […]

Why are my calendars listed on my scheduling page?

When a logged-in CalendarBridge user visits a scheduling page, their list of calendars is shown to enable them to filter the timeslots based on their own calendar(s). See Scheduling a Meeting When Logged Into CalendarBridge.

When I try to add a user, I get a “user already exists” error

The user you are trying to add, likely has a paid individual subscription. Please email the user’s email address to and request they be moved onto the group account. The user’s individual subscription will be canceled and a pro-rated refund will be issued to their payment method.

My scheduler is showing busy/free when I am free/busy

If a time slot is not showing when you think it should, or is showing when you think it shouldn’t, check these things: Be aware of the timezone setting of the scheduler and the timezone from which your scheduler is being viewed. Check if there any all-day or multi-day events that overlap the time slot […]

Deletes/edits of events are not syncing

Make sure you are editing the original event on the source calendar. Event copies created by CalendarBridge should be treated as read-only — editing or deleting an event copy will not sync back to the original event on the source calendar.

Only some events are syncing

Here are some things to check if it looks like some of your events are syncing, but not others: Were the missing events in the past at the time you created the sync? CalendarBridge syncs events starting from the beginning of the month in which the sync connection is created. The exception is recurring events […]

No events are syncing

On this page If you were able to successfully connect your calendars; and create a sync connection but it appears that nothing is happening, here are some things to check: Check your calendars in a browser (rather than an app) In case you are having local sync issues on your device, check you calendars in […]

Dashboard Error Messages

List of Dashboard Errors Could not authenticate with service This error message may appear after attempting to connect a google or microsoft account: This error message may be because: 1. Your Microsoft 365 is on a GCC High tenant. One way to tell if you company is on Microsoft 365 “GCC high” is that your […]

Duplicate Events

CalendarBridge is designed to not generate duplicates of your events. One was we achieve this is that we do not make copies of our own event copies.  If you think you have duplicates on your calendar, please read this article. Viewing both calendars looks like duplicates If you are viewing both the source and destination […]

Color coding not working

Color coding of event copies relies on the default Outlook category names — “Blue category,” “Green category”, etc. (The match must be exact and is case sensitive!). For users who have renamed their Outlook categories, here is how to get your event copies to the color you want. In Outlook, you can see the names […]

Known Issues with Recurring Events for Google to Outlook Syncing

There are two known scenarios that are not supported due to the differences in how Google and Microsoft implement recurring events: 1. Google will let you move an occurrence of a recurring event beyond the original end date of the series. Microsoft does not support this. 2. Google will let you have multiple occurrences of […]