Getting Started

To get started with CalendarBridge, all users must follow the first two articles in this section: Create a CalendarBridge Account and Connect your Google, Microsoft, and/or iCloud accounts. After following those two articles, follow one or both of the following: If you want to sync calendars together, follow Setting up Calendar Syncing. If you want […]

Creating a CalendarBridge Account

1. Go to You will see this form:   2. Enter the primary email address you want to use for your CalendarBridge account. The primary email address is simply the one CalendarBridge will use for billing and other account-related notices — it does not have any impact on which calendars you will be able […]

Connecting Calendar Accounts

Connecting a Google Account Follow this section to connect a personal Gmail or paid GSuite account. 1. Go to your Accounts page by clicking the “Accounts” link in the left navigation bar, or enter into your browser. The accounts page will look like this: 2. Click the “ADD ACCOUNT +” button. This will bring up […]

Setting up Calendar Syncing

On this Page Introduction Follow this section to configure syncing between calendars you have connected to your CalendarBridge account. (If you don’t have any calendars yet connected, see Connecting Calendar Accounts) About Sync Connections Sync connections are how you instruct CalendarBridge to copy events from one calendar to another. Events from the source calendar will […]

Creating a Scheduler

On this page 1. About Schedulers. Schedulers are personalized web pages that others can use to automatically schedule meetings with you only at times you are available. Simply send someone a link to your scheduler and they can book a meeting at a time they know will work for you. Follow these steps to create […]