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About Schedulers

A CalendarBridge scheduler is a webpage that enables people to schedule a meeting with you only during times which you: (a) designate as available for meetings; and (b) are actually available according to your calendar(s).

Simply share the link to your scheduler and they can book a time that fits your schedule and theirs – no back-and-forth emails required.

Here is an example landing page for a scheduler:

CalendarBridge scheduling page example

After the guest picks a time, they fill in some additional info (you can customize what info is requested):

example Information collection form for a calendarbridge scheduler

Once they click “book meeting,” a meeting is immediately put on your calendar (blocking off your availability to avoid double bookings) and then your calendar sends out the invites.


Optimized for People with Multiple Calendars

Every user can have up to 10 schedulers.  You can think of each scheduler as a different meeting type. For example, if you are a consultant working for Company A and Company B, you can have a first scheduler with Company A branding that books to your Company A calendar, and a second scheduler with Company B branding that books to your Company B calendar. And – importantly – you can have each scheduler checking both your Company A and Company B calendars to determine when you are available.

By default, each scheduler can look at up to 4 calendars. When combined with CalendarBridge syncing, a scheduler can account for up to 6 calendars on a basic plan and 20 calendars on a premium plan.

Below is a quick video showing someone booking a meeting via a CalendarBridge scheduler.