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Configuring Custom ID for Scheduling Links

About CalendarBridge Custom URLs

The default format of a CalendarBridge scheduling links is:

https://calendarbridge.com/book/<random id>

where <random id> is generated automatically when a scheduling link is created. Users with paid subscriptions can optionally customize their scheduling link(s) according to the format:

calendarbridge.com/book/<unique custom id>/<(optional) additional field>.

For example, Jane may set her unique custom id to “busyjane” such that calendarbridge.com/book/busyjane/ becomes her default custom URL, and she can create additional customized URLs such as:
  • https://calendarbridge.com/book/busyjane/intro for scheduling introductory meetings with potential clients
  • https://calendarbridge.com/book/busyjane/catchup for scheduling check-ins with existing clients
  • https://calendarbridge.com/book/busyjane/event for scheduling meetings relating to a one-time event
Plus she can still generate scheduling links that use the generic format of https://calendarbridge.com/book/<random id>

Setting your Custom URL

Click ‘scheduling’ in the left nav menu or just type https://calendarbridge.com/dashboard/schedules into your browser. There you will see a “Your Custom Url” section. 1. Click ‘Change.’ 2. Enter your custom id in the text box. The custom id must be (1) unique across all CalendarBridge users, (2) be 5 – 25 characters long; (3) use only lowercase letters, number, dashes, and underscores). 3. If the custom id validates, you will then be able to click the “change” button to lock in the custom id.

Configure custom URL