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Creating a Group Invite

Go to your group booking dashboard by clicking “Group Booking” in the left menu, or just go to https://calendarbridge.com/dashboard/group



Click “New invitation”

Group Booking link on CalendarBridge dashboard


Step 1: Set event subject and description.
Enter a subject and description for the meeting then click “Continue to availability.”


Step 2:  Select availability and meeting duration
Select which scheduler/availability to use for determining the organizer’s availability and a duration of the meeting. Then click “Continue to attendees.”


Step 3: Enter invitees.
For each invitee, enter their email addresses in the text box and press ‘Enter.’

Their names will appear in a list below. 

A CalendarBridge logo next to a name means that person has setup a CalendarBridge scheduler. Their actual availability will automatically be accounted for in the next step.

Users without a CalendarBridge logo next to their name will receive an email asking them to vote on the time options you propose.


If this is a group of invitees you will invite frequently, you can click “Save Group” for easily adding those invitees to future group invites.

Once you have added all the invitees for this meeting, click “Continue to times.”


Step 4: Select time(s)

Select the time slots that you would like to propose as options for the meeting.  The only time slots shown are slots where all CalendarBridge users in the meeting are available (based on the CalendarBridge users’ schedulers).

If all invitees have CalendarBridge schedulers, then you just pick one time slot and the meeting will immediately be set for that time.

If at least invitee does not have a CalendarBridge scheduler, then you pick multiple times that will be sent as options for them to vote on / indicate their availability.

One you have picked the time slot(s), click “Review and Send.”


Step 5: Review and send.

In the last step of creating a group invite, you can review the details of the meeting.

If you need to change something, click the “Back” button.

To have CalendarBridge send an email requesting invitees to vote on the time options, click the blue “Send Invites Now” button.

To manually send the links to your invitees, click the “I will manually send links to invitees.” See Manually sending group invite links for an explanation of how that works.

Once you have clicked one of the buttons, you will be taken to your Group Booking Dashboard, which provides the status of your group invite.