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Dashboard Error Messages

List of Dashboard Errors

Could not authenticate with service

This error message may appear after attempting to connect a google or microsoft account:Error message: Could not authenticate with service

This error message may be because:

1. Your Microsoft 365 is on a GCC High tenant. One way to tell if you company is on Microsoft 365 “GCC high” is that your login goes to login.microsoftonline.us (.us instead of .com). If this is case, please email support@calendarbridge.com and ask them to enable GCC high access on your account.

2. Your Office 365 administrator is blocking third-party oauth apps such as CalendarBridge. Please email your IT administrator to see if that is the case.

Calendar account exists on another user’s account

This error message may appear after attempting to connect a google or microsoft account:

Error message: Calendar account exists on another user's account

This error message means that the calendar account you tried to connect is already connected to another CalendarBridge account. Most likely you previously had another CalendarBridge account under another email address.

To resolve the issue, logout and then login with the other email address.

If you no longer have access to the other email address, send an email to support@calendarbridge.com. Please send the email directly from the account you are trying to add (so that we know you have access to it).

Re-authentication needed

The need to re-authenticate with Google or Microsoft is typically triggered by a change of your Google or Microsoft password.  If Re-Authentication is necessary, the following alerts will be shown on your dashboard:

Error message "Account issue"

Error message Please re-authenticate Account

To resolve this issue, follow these instructions to re-authenticate/re-connect the account.

Temporary Connection Issues

Rarely you may see a message that there is a temporary connection issue.

The most common reason for this is that Google or Microsoft is temporarily throttling access to a calendar due to a lot of recent activity on the calendar (e.g., a large number of events were recently written to the calendar). We will periodically re-try until synchronization is re-achieved. There is nothing you need to do. For more information, see the section on rate limiting below.

Rate limiting

Google and Microsoft impose limits on the number of events that can be added/edited during an interval of time. (The number of events and the interval of time is intentionally vague in their documentation). If your account exceeds the limits, your sync will be temporarily disrupted until Google or Microsoft lift the restriction (again, the amount of time is not well defined in their documentation).

Unless your calendar has a very high amount of activity (e.g., if you are syncing many calendars into 1), rate limiting should not occur during normal operation (only when creating or editing sync connections).

Rate limiting is most likely to occur when:

  • editing a sync connection; or
  • creating and deleting multiple sync connections involving the same calendar within a short period of time.
  • you have other syncing software running that is creating a loop. Please make sure you are not running other syncing software in parallel with CalendarBridge.

So if you must perform these actions, it is recommended to do so after hours.

If a calendar is currently rate limited, you will see a notification in your dashboard:

If this persists for more than 24 hours, please contact support.

Conflicting Sync Software Detected

This error message means that CalendarBridge detected events on your calendar that were created by another calendar automation service (such as clockwise). In order to avoid loops or other issues caused by the interaction of the two services, CalendarBridge will not sync those events. Other events on the calendar will sync normally.

There was an issue loading your account

If you see this message on your dashboard, please try the following:

  1. Click “Log out” in the left menu.
  2. Hard refresh your browser by pressing ctrl + F5
  3. Try to login.

If the issue persists, please try logging in from a different browser, or even a different device, as sometimes the issue is caused by a device or network settings such as a firewall or certain browser plugins.

Invalid Session for User

This is the result of a mismatch between a cookie in your browser and the login code. Often the confusion arises because Gmail previews the last-unread login code, instead of the most-recent login code. Sometimes the browser cookies just get corrupted.

The best approach is to:

  1. Delete all old login code email messages from your inbox
  2. Close any browser windows in which CalendarBridge is open
  3. Open a new private/incognito browser window (or open entirely different browser) and go to calendarbridge.com/login
  4. Try again to login.

Invalid Refresh Token

This error sometimes happens when trying to connect a Google account that was previously connected to CalendarBridge.

To overcome this error, please do the following:

  1. Revoke permission on your google account 
  2. Wait 10 minutes
  3. Try again to connect the account.