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Deleting a Sync Connection

Important Notes About Deleting a Sync Connection

Deleting a sync connection will remove existing event copies that were created via that sync connection. If you are having trouble deleting a sync connection, it is most likely because we no longer have access to the calendar (which means we cannot remove the event copies we created). In this case you have two options: 1. First reconnect the account, then delete the sync connection. 2. Force delete the sync connection.  To do this, just perform the delete process below twice — The first time click ‘delete’ (which will fail), the second time click “force delete.” A force delete will delete the sync connection without removing the event copies.

How to Delete a Sync Connection

1. After logging in to CalendarBridge, click ‘syncing’ in the left menu (or just go to https://calendarbridge.com/dashboard/syncs) 2. Find the sync connection that you would like to delete, click the three dots and click ‘Delete’ Delete sync connection A confirmation window will popup. To confirm the delete click ‘Delete’ Delete sync confirm Deletion may take 5 or 10 minutes depending on how many event copies where created via the sync connection. During that process,  the sync connection will still be shown with a “de-syncing in progress” notice: Just give it 10 minutes to finish deleting and then refresh your browser.