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Group Scheduling Dashboard

The Group Scheduling dashboard is where you can create a new group booking invite as well as see the status of your existing invites.

Pending / Incomplete Group Bookings

When you create a Group Booking that has at least one invitee who is not a CalendarBridge user, a pending / incomplete group invite will appear on your dashboard. Here is an example:
Group booking waiting on responses from two users.
There are three invitees on this group booking (in addition to the organizer): John, Nancy, and Jane.
  • John and Nancy do not have CalendarBridge Schedulers and thus they will need to manually vote on the time options. You can send each of them their respective personalized link or you can send the “Group Link” to both.
  • Jane is a CalendarBridge user who has setup a Scheduler, so she does not need to manually vote — in effect, she votes for all times that she is available according to her scheduler at the time the last manual user votes.
In the above example, we are still waiting on both John and Nancy to indicate their time preferences.  Once a user has responded, their name will be moved to the “Responded” section and their icon will be placed next to the times for which they voted. In the example below, Nancy has indicated both time slots work for her.
Nancy has indicated both time options work for her.

Completed & Booked Group Invites

At the moment the last invitee submits their response, the meeting will be booked for the earliest time slot that works for all invitees. Once the meeting is booked, it looks like this on the dashboard:
Completed booking that has been added to organizer’s calendar and invites sent.
When the meeting is booked it is automatically placed on the organizer’s calendar, and invites are automatically sent directly from the organizer’s calendar to the invitees.

Completed & Unbooked Group Invites

If all invitees have responded and none of the times worked for everyone, then the completed group invite will show a note that it failed to reach a consensus. Here is an example:
A group invite where no time worked for all the invitees.
When an invite fails to reach a consensus you can still choose to set the meetings for one of the times. Just click on the time that you would like book anyways and it will show up as the “Selected meeting.” Then click “Send Invite Anyway.” This will automatically add the event to the organizer’s calendar and invites will be sent to all invitees from the organizer’s account.