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How to Hide Event Copies in Outlook

If you have two calendars syncing together, but you still want to view both calendars at the same time in Outlook, things can get a bit cluttered since you will see both the original event on the source calendar and the event copy on the destination calendar. Luckily, Outlook provides view filters that can be used to achieve this. The view filters can be implemented in a couple ways depending on which version of Outlook you are using.

Filter based on category (Works on all versions of Outlook except mobile)

Outlook for Windows (new and classic versions), Outlook for Mac, and Outlook Web all have the option to filter the events shown based on category. So, if your calendar looks like this:

Viewing both synced calendars results in the appearance of duplicates

As you can see from the image above, since calendars A and B are synced in both directions, viewing both calendars at the same time means we see the original and copy for each event. But we can hide those copies by taking advantage of the fact that our sync connection settings are such that event copies are set to the Purple Category.

So in Outlook we can go to filter and then choose to not show events that have the purple category:

So, after filtering out the Purple Category – which in this particular example is the category that we are having CalendarBridge assign to CalendarBridge copies – we now see only the original events and not the copies: 

Filter based on your subject tag (Works on classic Outlook for Windows)

On Classic Outlook for Windows, there is the option to use advanced view filters which allow you to filter on all sorts of fields of an event. For our purposes here, filtering out events which have a subject that contains “(copy)” allows achieving the same effect as show in the filter by categories section above, but by adding more conditions to your advanced filter you could get more advanced in which events you hide (e.g., you might want to not hide some copies while hiding others)