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Scheduling a Meeting while Logged In to CalendarBridge

This page walks through scheduling a meeting through a CalendarBridge scheduling link when you are  logged in to CalendarBridge. The URL of a scheduling page is of one of the following formats: https://calendarbridge.com/book/<unique id> https://calendarbridge.com/book/<custom id> https://calendarbridge.com/book/<custom id>/<additional field> If you are logged in to CalendarBridge, the scheduling page will look similar to this (note the “select specific calendars” control in the bottom right corner): The steps to schedule a meeting are: 1. Select Meeting Length. If the owner of the scheduling page allows multiple meeting lengths (15 min, 30 min, and 60 min options are shown above), pick the meeting length you would like. If the scheduling page owner has provided only one meeting length option, that length will automatically be selected. 2. Select a day. Use the calendar (“Pick a Day”) widget to select the day you would like to meet. Upon selecting a day, the scheduling page owner’s available time slots for that day will be show in the middle column. 3. (Optional) Select one or more of your calendar(s) to filter the available timeslots based on your availability. In the screenshot below, the visitor to the scheduling page – jane@domain.com – has selected to filter the available times based on her calendar. A timeslot is presented as available only if both the link owner and the link visitor are free. Booking page with times filtered 4. Pick an available time slot. After picking a time slot, you will be taken to meeting details age: Booking details screen The details page has the following fields:
  1. Name: Type your name here.
  2. Email: Type your email address. This is where the meeting invitation will be sent.
  3. Other Attendees: If you would like to additional invitees (other than yourself and the owner of the booking page), enter their email address(es) here.
  4. Subject: This will be the subject line of the meeting invitation.
  5. Description: Anything typed here will appear in the body of the meeting invitation.
  6. Questions: If the booking page owner has provided any custom questions/prompts, type your responses to the questions/prompts in the text box(es).
When done completing the fields, click “Book Meeting.” The meeting will be booked on the page owner’s calendar and invites will be sent to you and any additional invitees.