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Syncing Resource Calendars

Option 1: Use a Super Admin account

If you are a super admin of your Google Workspace tenant, then resource calendars should show up in your list of calendars (if it doesn’t, go to your Google Calendar settings and move it to “My Calendars.”) and you can create sync connections involving the resource calendar.  If you would like to setup sync connections through a user that is not a Super Admin, then the super admin will need to delegate the calendar according to Option 2 below.

Option 2: Delegate the Resource Calendar

The following steps need to be performed by someone with permissions to edit a resource calendar. The default is that these steps must be performed by a Super Admin of the Google Workspace tenant.

1. Log into Google Calendar as a Super Admin (or other admin that has been granted full access to resource calendars)

2. Click the gear at the top and go to “settings”

3. In the list of calendars on the left of the settings page, click the resource calendar to be synced.  Then click “Share with specific people or groups”

 4. Enter the email address of the user via which you want to setup the sync connection. In the permissions select “Make changes and manage sharing.”


5. The user to which the resource calendar was delegated should now see the resource calendar in their list of calendars on the CalendarBridge dashboard (if they don’t, they may need to go to their settings and move that calendar to their “My Calendars”).

Note: Group Admins using Managed Syncs can sync resource calendars directly. For all other users, follow the instructions below (requires an Exchange administrator).


Step 1: Delegate the Resource (Performed by Exchange Admin)

1. Login to the Exchange admin center, navigate to “Resources” in the left menu. Click the resource calendar to be synced, which will bring up a panel on the right side of the screen. In that panel, click the “Edit” button under “Read and Manage (Full Access)”

2. Click “+Add members”

3. Select the user whose account will be connected to CalendarBridge and click “Save”

4. Click “confirm.”


Step 2: Add the Calendar (Performed by Delegate User)

1. Sign In to outlook as the user to whom the resource calendar was delegate above.

2. Click “Add calendar” in the left menu.

3. Click “Add from directory” in the left menu.

4. Select the user’s email address in the “account to search from” box and then enter the email address of the resource in the “Select a person, group, or resource.” field.  Please note, the autocomplete may not find the resource, but typing the full email address of the resource onto the line should work.

5. Click “Add.”

It may take up to 30 minutes for these changes to propogate, but once they do, the resource calendar should show up in the delegate user’s list of calendars on CalendarBridge.