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Connect authorized domains to group account

Before you can create managed sync connections or preload calendars onto managed user accounts, your authorized domains must be connected to your group account. Below are the instructions that must be performed by an admin of the group account. 1.Wait at least 30 minutes after performing the steps in Authorizing Managed Syncs. 2. Got to https://calendarbridge.com/dashboard/organization and click the “Mange Domains” tab. manage domains panel 2. Type the domain to be added in the textbox, check the radio button for whether it is a Microsoft or Google account, check the box confirming that you have authorized access for managed syncs. manage domains panel 3. Enter an email address into textbox to verify that the the domain-wide authorization was properly completed. The address/mailbox used makes no difference and will not impact anything about your account. It just needs to be a valid email address for us to test the authorization. manage domains panel If the verification is successful, the domain will be added to the group account and will show up at the top of the page: manage domains panel If it is not successful you may see one of the following error messages
  • “Permissions not configured correct, or user does not exist”  If you see this message, confirm you have completed the steps to authorize access for managed syncs
  • There was an issue adding your domain please contact support”  This can have a variety of causes and we will work as quick as possible to get it resolved and get back to you.