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Overview of the Group Admin Portal

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Accessing the Group Admin Portal

To gain access to the organization administration portal, you must first create a group account. If you have been granted access to the organization admin portal, you will see a “Manage your Organization” button on the home screen of your CalendarBridge dashboard (If it doesn’t show up immediately, give it 10 seconds, or just go directly to https://calendarbridge.com/dashboard/organization).

Group Admin Portal at a Glance

At the very top of the group admin portal are tabs that allow you to select between different group accounts on which you are an administrator. The groups are identified by the email address domain of he administrator that setup the group account.  In the example below the user is an admin of company1 and company2, but in practice most users are administrator of only one group.

Below the tabs corresponding to the administered group(s), are tabs corresponding to the four areas/panels of the admin portal:

Manage Users – used for managing user licenses;

Manage Domains – used for adding authorized domains to the dashboard;

Manage Billing – used for managing payment method, billing address, etc;

Manage Syncs – used for managing sync licenses  (“Manage Syncs” is only shown if you have authorized a domain under Manage Domains.)

The bottom part of the portal is the content of whichever of the four panels is currently selected. In the example below, the Manage Users panel is selected.

Group admin panel showing the Manage Users section.