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Creating a Group Account

1. Login/Signup with the email address of the account administrator.


2. Click “Create Organization Group Account.”

calendarbridge dashboard homepage with link to create group account

This will take you to the Create Organization page:

Create organiation page


3. Select your organization id. From the dropdown, select which of the domains of your connected accounts to use as your organization id. Which domain you pick will not have any impact on the users or sync connections that can be created under the account.


4. Select your plan. Use the radio buttons to select your plan (i.e., the license for your user account).

create organization page


5. Add additional seats. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to purchase additional seats / licenses that you will later be able to assign to other users.  You can add user licenses, sync licenses, or a combination of the two. See Group Account License Types for more information on the differences between user licenses and sync licenses.

Once the account is setup you can add seats for a prorated charge and  remove seats to have that seat removed for the next billing cycle. See {{adding and removing licenses}}.

create organization page


6. Click “Create Organization”. This will take you to the checkout page:

Checkout page


7. Adjust seats, if necessary. If you need to make an adjustment to the number of seats selected on the previous page, you can do that via the dropdown menu on the left side.

stripe checkout


7. Enter Billing information. Enter credit/debit card number, expiration date, CVC, name on card, and billing address.

stripe checkout

If you are in a country that requires VAT ID on your invoice, check the “I’m purchasing as a business” box, and then enter your business name and VAT ID

stripe checkout


8. Click subscribe. This will complete the purchase and charge the card.