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Only some events are syncing

Here are some things to check if it looks like some of your events are syncing, but not others:

Were the missing events in the past at the time you created the sync?

CalendarBridge syncs events starting from the beginning of the month in which the sync connection is created. The exception is recurring events that also extend into the future, for those we sync past instances.

CalendarBridge does not make copies of copies

One thing to keep in mind is that we do not make copies of copies — events only ever go across 1 sync connection. So if you have only synced A -> B and B -> C, A events will not show up on C. To get A events on C requires a 3rd sync: A -> C.

Do any of your calendars need to be reconnected?

If we have lost access to one of your calendars (e.g., due to a password change) a red ‘x’ will appear next to the account on calendarbridge.com/dashboard/accounts (or, if the loss of access has persisted for long enough, you should have received an email). See Reauthorizing Calendar Access.

Does the subject of the unsynced event end with the text used as your custom tag?

If an event ends with your custom tag, it will not be synced.  For this reason, it is recommended to choose a custom tag that is unlikely to occur naturally at the end of event subjects. For example, wrapping your tag in parenthesis or including an underscore or other special character.

If none of these seem to be the reason for your missing event copies, please submit a support request.